Welcome to the Crieff and District Squash Leagues site.


This season’s Donaldson Cup, the individual competition for players in Crieff and District squash teams, will be held over the weekend of 25th and 26th March at Dunblane Sports Club.

There will be two separate competitions, one for players in Division 1 teams and one for players in Division 2. The entry fee will again be £5 and players are guaranteed a minimum of two games – more games if reaching the later stages. The prize fund will be increased compared with last season.

The exact format of the competition will depend on the entry numbers received. Obviously, the more that compete the better. Please encourage your players to take part.

To enter the Donaldson Cup , I need the name of the player and the team which they represent in the C&D leagues. Please reply to me - Neil Kean (see Contacts) - or get your Captain's to reply to me by 28th February.


The Colin Addison Cup main and plate finals were held on Thursday 13th October - congratulations to Crieff 1 and Perth 2 respectively.

Check the links on the right for fixtures and results for both leagues and the 2 annual cups.

The half way stage has been reached - Check the Fixtures and Tables links for the latest positions.

All Contacts can be viewed by clicking the Contacts link, if there are any errors in the details please contact the Match Secretary.

Generally, matches start at 7pm any exceptions can be viewed within the contact details.

Welcome to Kinross, new entrants to Division 1, a location link can be found in their contacts details, their start time is 7:20pm.

Good luck for the second half!!


The Final was on Thursday 2nd February and an evenly handicapped match between Glenalmond (130) and Crieff 2 (140) was won by Crieff 2 - CONGRATULATIONS.

The Plate Final on Thursday 2nd February was between Dunblane 2 (100 bisques) and Kinross (45 bisques) and was won by Dunblane 2 - CONGRATULATIONS.


Remember it is a fun competition - Enjoy!!

I hope the handicaps are fair and provide close games.

Reminder - back to standard scoring (up to 9 only scoring on own serve).

Bisque Rules

1. The difference between the bisque allocation of each team determines the bisques given to the weaker team. (allocation shown in brackets on the spreadsheet).

2. The distribution of the bisques is determined by the captain of the weaker team.

3. Bisques can be distributed however the captain wishes, they can be distributed evenly or unevenly between the five team players.

4. The distribution of the bisques must be recorded on the match score sheet before the start of the match.

5. Team captains are required to complete team sheets separately (inc bisque allocation) and exchange prior to match commencing.

5a. Any unused bisques at the conclusion of an individual's match MUST BE IMMEDIATELY transferred to another team member(s), even if that team member(s) is (are) part way through his/her individual match. On the conclusion of a match where un-used bisques remain any "ongoing" match MUST CEASE IMMEDIATELY and not recommence until the un-used bisques have been redistributed.  If this rule is not strictly adhered to and the "ongoing" match is not stopped immediately then any un-used bisques will be deemed forfeited and can not be re-distributed at a later time. Once an individual's match is complete it cannot be 're-visited' on the basis that bisques become available at a later stage.

6. The spirit of the competition is that team members should play in their "correct" order. Also where a club has more than one team no regular player playing for a higher team should be allowed to play for the lower team

7. During each game, bisques are claimed at the discretion of the player. They can be taken at any time including game/match point.

8. Only one bisque may be taken at any one time. (ie. there must be at least one rally played in between each bisque taken).

9. Enjoy the competition!